Sree Partha Roy is famous for Astrology (Tradition & Modifyed K.P.), Hand and Vastu. He was awarded as Jyotisharnab, Jyotish Saraswati, Jyotish Bachospati (2001-2003), Gold Medalist (From South Asian Astrologer's Conference 2003), Jyatish Mahamahopadhyay (From South Asian Astrologer's Conference 2003), Gold Medalist (From Astromedical research year 2004), Jyotish Shastri (From World Astrologers Society year 2005), Raj Jyotishi (From College of Astromedical research year 2005), Jyotish Nakshatram (From Scientific Stellar Astrological Research Institute year 2005), Gold Medalist & Jyotish Samrat Awards (From World Astrologers Society year 2006), Ratnachuramoni (From 12th International Astrology, spiritual Vastu Conference 2011 A.D.) for his contributions in astrology.

Sree Partha Roy is a member of "All India Fedaration of Astrologer's Societies, Saientific Stellar Astrological Research Institute, Astrological Research Project, World Astrologer’s Society & Bangia Pandit Parishad". Many great people are Sree Partha Roy's clients. One of the most remarkable talent of his Astrology is he can predict at the moment he sees a person. If you are interested, don't think to book your time for consulting. Just do it now and solve your problems.

Sree Partha Roy has been researching this subject for last 12 years. He tells that nobody (except God) can change one's fate. It is prefixed. But only Astrology can tell you what is written in your fate and what should you do according to that.

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