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You thought you would never get a chance to have Sree Partha Roy answer all your questions ?
Well, you were wrong.
Here's your chance to ask Sree Partha Roy ALL those questions in your mind.

This is what, you have to do
(kindly go through the TERMS & CONDITIONS)

At the address give below, send by email, post or courier the following information:

Your Birth Date ( day, month and year )
Time Of Birth
Place of Birth
A Short Bio-Data ( this is compulsory, failing which, your questions will not be entertained )
And ofcorse......Your List Of Questions.
Along with the above mentioned information, you will have to send a Money Order or Cheque.

Rs.1000/- to Rs.2,500/-only.
(depending on your questions.)

Get Your Advanced Computerised Birth Chart Details only Rs.1,500/-

The Money Order or cheque should be on the name of "Partha Roy". If you want to Bank Transfer then email me, after getting email I will send my bank details.

Kindly send the above mentioned information along with the Money Order at the following address:

Sree Partha Roy
Salt Lake City,
Kolkata - 700 106
West bengal

Ph: +91 9433070815, +91 9051740603, +91 9239344286.
E-mail:, .


  • All your questions will be answered by email.
  • Your Advanced Computerised Birth Chart will be sent by email.
  • Please allow us a period of Four Weeks from the date of receipt of your mail or courier, to reply to your questions.
  • Kindly send Cheque / Demand Draft / Money Order / Bank Transfer.
  • If any of the information required (as mentioned above) is not provided, you might not be replied to.
  • The Payment is non-refundable.
  • If in Kolkata, you have to visit personally, no mail requests will be entertained.

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